Planting extravaganza!


Another busy week at school. This week the children have been doing some planting!

We spoke about the importance of trees and flowers and why we need them to survive.

A selection of children went to the ball court to plant trees around the outside of the pitches. We are excited to watch these grow throughout the year.

We also got to plant some bulbs outside our classroom. We planted: daffodils, tulips, crocuses and alliums. We can’t wait to see them grow throughout the year. We hope they’ll be very colourful!

Hope you have had a great week!

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Ahoy Mateys


Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a lovely half term and feel well rested!

This week, we got a shock when we came back to school because in our classrooms we had a suspicious looking bottle with a message inside. We suspect that pirates had been in our classrooms over the holidays and left it for us!

We all had a go at guessing what could be inside. We we all hoped it would be a map leading us to hidden treasure…and it was!

The map was an aerial image of the school with an X marked on it. We had to figure out where we were on the map and label the other buildings. We then plotted our route to the X.

Finally, we made our way to the X and we were so lucky because…it was treasure. In the treasure box, there were lots of belongings left by the pirates and a book ‘The Pirates Next Door’.

It really was a great start to the week, but we are keeping an eye out incase those mischievous pirates really have moved in next door!

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Black History Month


Yesterday afternoon, as part of Black History Month, Year 2 were lucky enough to have a virtual call with Gemicha West (a local author) who read us her new book ‘My Friend Nabila’.

What was even more exciting was that she used to come to Torridon School, and it was here she realised her dream of becoming an author.

The children got to ask the her questions about her book and about her becoming an author. We all had a lovely afternoon.

Link to the book https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08F6Y3TYZ/

Book Description

My Friend Nabila by Gemicha West is a book about friendship which overtly addresses the issue of racism and racist bullying within a school context. It offers children an explanation of what racism is and how we can stand together to challenge racism and racist behaviours. The story is simply told allowing space for reflection and discussion with children. The colouring pages at the back of the book are a lovely touch which encourage further interaction with the text. To ignite the minds of children to grow and become the change we want to see in the world, purchase My Friend Nabila, a touching diverse children’s book.

Have a lovely half term 🙂

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Time to Investigate!


Happy Friday,

It’s time for another investigation! Today, we were investigating ‘All Possibilities’.

Here are two dice.
If you add up the dots on the top you will get 7:

2 + 5 = 7
Roll the dice. Add the numbers that are on the top.

  1. Find all the other totals you can get. Write the number sentences.
  2. What is the highest total you can make?
  3. What is the lowest total?


Use two 1 – 9 dice instead and try to find the highest and lowest total

How many possibilities can you find?

We loved completing our investigation and we fount the highest total would be 12 and the lowest would be 2. Do you agree?

Have a good weekend 🙂

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Goldilocks needs our help!


Happy Monday,

We hope everyone had  lovely weekend.

Today, when we entered the classroom we had  surprise…Goldilocks had written us a letter.

She needed our help to write an apology letter to the three bears and to think of ideas on how to makes amends.

We think we wrote some fantastic letters which could help her 🙂

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Investigation time!


Happy Friday,

Today we did some place value investigating and we loved it!

We had to create numbers and put them on the number line with our partner. We had to think carefully about when to use our digit cards to ensure we had the right digit cards left when we got to the end of the number line.

Have a lovely weekend


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If I were a monarch…


This week in history we learnt all about monarchs. We imagined that we could be king or queen for the day and what rules we would create.

We wrote a list of our rules and one rule we decided would be important is – always be kind to others.

What rules would you create if you were a monarch?

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Story Time


Good Morning,

This has been an exciting week for Year 2 because we have been writing the story of Goldilocks. We acted the story and then sequenced the story using pictures.

We’ve all tried really hard with our writing this week! 🙂

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Special Guest


Happy Friday,
Today, we had a very special guest! The police used our ‘WANTED’ posters and they managed to track down that mischievous Goldilocks.
We had to help the police by asking Goldilocks interview questions to find out more about her crimes.
We are all so worn our from all our fantastic learning this week!
We hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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We Love Maths!


Good afternoon,
I hope everyone is having a good week.
This week, we are doing lots of exciting maths about place value. We have been using Base 10 to make our two-digit numbers.
We can identify tens and ones and we know how to find one more and one less.
We hope everyone is enjoying maths as much as us!

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